1.  Does your washer sound like a jetliner taking off when it is in high speed spin cycle?   2.  Is your washer getting so loud that you cannot be in the same room while it is spinning your clothes? Click on your washer model below for more information: If you don’t see your model please contact me and I will help you. For Genuine Appliance Parts (other than bearings and seals) Call  1-800-369-0999   Or   Click HERE To Enter Your Model Number! Learn How To Quickly Replace Your  Washer Bearings And Save Big Time!
Worn Washer Bearings Notice:  Whirlpool is gluing the tub  halves in its new washers so  you will not be able to replace your bearings and seal so it  would be wise to keep your  current washer going for as  long as you can.